Remember those days when you had to get up early to go to school? What's the first thing you did? You turned on the radio to your favorite station to hear your favorite DJ. It's how you got our day started. Good tunes, and a great radio personality to match while you got ready to face the day. For me, I tuned into AM station 610 KFRC out of San Francisco, to hear Dr. Don Rose.  I'm not sure why he went by the name Dr. but he was certainly the best medicine a teenager could ask for. His show was not only hysterically funny, but he played the best music of that time, what's known today as, Classic Rock.  It wasn't the shock-jock garbage we hear today; he was a true entertainer. You laughed, maybe learned something, heard Rosco the Dog every now and again, and rocked out the number one hits of the day.  


When we decided to launch Radio Rock, we knew it couldn't be like today's radio. The Blitz needed to be a station like it was back when DJ's were allowed to be creative, and play the music you wanted to hear, not what the corporations think you should listen to.  


We decided it had to be all about YOU!  We switched in March of 2014 from Classic Rock to become 100% original Indie music. We put the call out and soon from all around the world you the artists and listeners responded. Often times I heard friends of mine who create music complain that no matter what they do, they cannot get their music on the local radio. That's because your radio isn't local anymore, it's a corporate cookie cutter company. But with the advent of the internet, you don't need mainstream radio anymore. Indie radio stations are now popping up all around the world, and the hometown audience you were trying to reach before is now everyone's hometown. 

 It's our mission to be your go to place to help get the word out about your music, books, and films. We're here to announce: YOUR EVENTS, BOOK LAUNCHES, FILM SCREENINGS, LIVE CONCERTS, FEATURE INTERVIEWS.  We do shout outs throughout the entire broadcast and we are WORLDWIDE! If you've got internet, then you can hear The Blitz! 


Now the Blitz isn't all about music. It's all about Indie! So, if you're an author, or filmmaker, painter, blogger, journalist, etc, and you're out there doing it for yourself, then we want to help out. If you've got a book you'd like us to mention, or you're with a band with some original tunes and need some radio play, or you have a film that needs some exposure, then get in touch and let's get new fresh eyes and ears on your work! 

 Join us, and listen to the best in original music and learn all about what's new in the indie scene! Sincerely, Tom Slick!

How Does The Blitz Pay The Bills?

While we do recieve some business advertising, the majority of our funding comes from donations or via our Patreon page. In January of 2015, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000. (Five Thousand dollars). Which is our annual operating expense. This pays for equipment, software, and services, such as streaming fees, hosting, dedicated phone line, etc. In an effort to be more proactive, we moved from using services of sites, like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, to Patreon. How is Patreon different from the others? Patreon is dedicated to the arts and that was a perfect fit for the Blitz. Instead of trying to raise a high amount in 45 days or less, we've opted to reach out to fans and listeners on a more personal basis and provide monthly content. Radio Rock produces over 35 shows a month between our main shows and specialty guest shows, such as The Director's Eye with Simone de Haas, London Gossip with Niki Jai, and coming soon, The Nathan Morely Show. Along with our interview shows, Nightmare Alley, The Midnight Hour @ Noon, Writer 2 Writer, and Cinema Verite.

Can I help?

Absolutely! For $1 buck a month your support will make a huge impact, not only on our programming, but on our ability to do more for the listeners, artists, and staff here at the Blitz. And best of all it's PayPal friendly! You can quit at anytime. Currently we have 25 Patreons, all supporting at various levels, and we'd love it if you became Patreon member number 25! Grab a friend, you can both go in for $0.50 cents! So, if you've got some ashtray money, or some couch change laying around, and you'd like to become part of what we do here at the Blitz, we'd love to hear from you. 


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